GilliganI’m a father of 2 beautiful kids (Kristopher and Ronnie), I have a beautiful and very outspoken wife (Christina is pretty blunt to say the least) I’m a DJ and I’m a radio personality (those are 2 different professions…I looked it up on the internet! Bon Jour! lol)

I have been in radio since Opal and landed on the doorsteps here on Hollywood (Blvd not California) back in the spring of ’97. Started off as a utility guy (weekends, fill-ins, scrubbing toilets, shaving the hair off of the back of my boss) and worked my way to fulltime on-air in June of ’99. I did nights for 6 months and then moved to afternoons for 8 years and I’ve been doing mornings ever since!

I love all music and I even like country too! (I agrue that it’s not music with my wife all the time. I say it’s not music and she says I’m an idiot but, I do love it)

I can honestly say I’m a native to the Fort Walton Beach area since 1976. Went to Wright and Shalimar Elementary, Pryor Middle School and Choctawhatchee Senior High School with a little semester at Pensacola Jr College (I know it’s “State” now but, it wasn’t back then! lol) It is a joy for me to be in my hometown on the radio for 26 years. It’s the longest job I’ve had to date! Being a dad will be the only other job title that I will hold for much longer, well after this radio thing ends.

Thanks so much for listening and for being a part of my crazy world and I am honored to be able to entertain you at home, in the car, in the shower, at the breakfast table, and in bed. (it’s ok! My wife doesn’t mind!)

Weekdays 9am-2pm

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